Mountain Biking Bromo Tour – Mr Yaser Shala

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Mountain Biking Bromo tour of Mr Yaser Shala
Mountain Biking Bromo tour of Mr Yaser Shala

What a great day!! Although still rainy season in Indonesia, we can did mountain biking Bromo tour. We were leaving Surabaya at 6 am and arrive at Dingklik as start point at 9.30 am. Spent a night in Surabaya is Mr Shala’s idea because no other five stars hotel like Shangrila around Bromo.

Sit inside a car more than 3 hours was not a bad idea because we had seen a lot of beautiful scenery. When we arrived at Dingklik, only need 10 minutes to install our bike and ready to ride on the trail. For this time, we would ride on Dingklik – Welang trail which has distance around 40km long.

Dingklik – Welang is an Enduro Gravity trail which is 95% dominated by descending trail. Ride on Dingklik – Welang trail didn’t need a lot of pedalling because it started from 2400m and finished at 200m ASL. For 5 – 10 riders, usually need 4 – 5 hours to ride on this trail.

Mountain Biking Bromo tour of Mr Yaser Shala
Mountain Biking Bromo tour of Mr Yaser Shala

For Mr Shala’s ride, we only need 3 hours to finish at Welang. That wasn’t worth it because we spent more than 3 hours to sit in car but only ride for 3 hours. We want more!! Hahaha.

We were ride again on Tutur – Welang trail which is the best section on Dingklik – Welang trail. By the way, a lot of rider who were ride on Tutur Welang made this trail as their favourite. Although only 15km long, we could ride on a combination of technical and natural trail. Tutur – Welang trail is a natural trail because just a little treatment by human. Although ride on natural trail, we can ride on a ‘flowy’ trail and passing a lot of trees & rocks as an obstacle. That’s why Tutur Welang also remarkable as a technical trail.

Ride on technical trail : Tutur - Welang
Ride on technical trail : Tutur – Welang

For this time, we were ride on Tutur – Welang trail for 45 minutes and stop at traditional shop (warung) for take a lunch. After lunch, we went to Malang which only took 1 hour by car. What a great day!

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Mr Shala, thanks for visiting Bromo.
Sincerely, OTTO tour – deliver happiness..

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