Ride MTB in Bromo with 30 riders from South Kalimantan

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Bersepeda Kalsel - Bromo (272)Started on February 10th and finished on February 12nd, 2017, we have 30 guests from South Kalimantan.

Bersepeda Kalsel - Bromo (334)

On Saturday (Feb 11) we rode on 5CM trail. We were using 5 pickup to reach our start gate and also reaching our homestay from finish gate. That was unforgetable moment because Bromo was rainy while we riding and loading. What a froze day..

Bersepeda Kalsel - Bromo (267)

On the last day we rode on Dingklik – Welang. We didnt have much time to take picture while riding because of tight schedule. We were blessed because can finished our ride 10 minutes before 12 pm. All of us (30 persons) only had maximum 3 hours to showering, wash our bike, and also pack the bike into our box.

Bersepeda Kalsel - Bromo (200)

Finally we reach airport 150 minutes before departure schedule. Once again, we were blessed because can ride on the full trail and also reach the airport ontime.

Bersepeda Kalsel - Bromo (106)

Thank you Bersepeda Kalsel, hope we can ride together again.

Another pictures here :

MTB Bromo - Bersepeda Kalsel

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