One Day to Discover Sunset at Malang Beach

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Sunset Malang Beach Tour
Sunset Malang Beach Tour

Sunset Malang Beach (Fullday) is provided by OTTO tour which location based in Malang. By this package you can visit 4 beaches in Malang including sunset view point at Batu Bengkung Beach.

We will pick you in Malang at 5.30am. To reach the first beach (Sendiki Beach), we need at least 2 hours by car. As the first beach, you can enjoy the white sand and also the moment to get wet at Sendiki Beach. We suggest to keep aware while playing at beach.

After tired of get wet at Sendiki Beach, we will bring you to another beach : Goa Cina. At Goa Cina you can visit the old cave which was a meditation place. FYI, Goa Cina Beach gets its name because a several years ago there was a Chinese who has meditation and passed away inside this cave. Dont worry to enter this cave because Goa Cina’s cave is safe for tourist.

Next destination is Bajulmati Beach. Bajulmati can be reached only 10 minutes by car from Goa Cina Beach. Actually its wave is not good for swimming. We suggest not to swim at Bajulmati beach. You can have lunch while waiting for dusk coming.

Before dusk, we have reached Batu Bengkung Beach. Batu Bengkung has a facing west beach which is the best beach to see sunset in Malang. Around at 6pm the tour ended and we will bring you back to Malang or another place you have requested before. If no more destination, we will reach Malang again at 9pm.

More information below:

You will visit:

1 Sendiki Beach
2 Goa Cina Beach
3 Bajulmati Beach
4 Sunset view point at Batu Bengkung Beach
5 Tiban Mosque in Turen (optional)
6 And another spot if you think worth to visit (please tell us first)


You will get:

1 Shuttle
2 Snack (mineral water)
3 Ticket of 4 destinations above



Pax Personal
6 200.000
5 230.000
4 270.000
3 340.000
2 470.000
1 880.000


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